Practice Transitional Services

There are literally hundreds of considerations to convert a private medical practice to a hospital owned entity. Some of these include:

  • Credentialing
  • Payer participation
  • Transition of insurance coverage – liability, property, malpractice
  • New regulatory standards for the physician’s office (JCAHO accreditation)
  • Physician input on policies and procedures
  • Monitoring and follow up on risk management issues
  • Employee transition – pay periods, accumulated time off, health insurance coverage, qualification for position (GED vs. high school graduate)
  • Employee management/policy and procedure – recruiting, hiring, discipline, evaluations, benefits
  • Technology – transition of billing and EMR systems, security, standards for use, service contracts
  • Patient transition to different coverage – office based vs. hospital based
  • Payables work flow
  • Supplier relationships
  • Transition cash flow