Practice Strategic Planning

Do you have future plans of your business units? What external forces may impact your goals? What internal obstacles have to be overcome to be successful? What must you do to excel?

Setting your mission, vision and values is an important part of the strategic planning process, but that’s just the beginning. You must look at the organization from the outside in by honestly evaluating your assets and liabilities. Most important is what comes next. You must be able to operationalize your insights into definable and achievable objectives.

MMA’s Strategic Planning services are geared to build consensus among the stakeholders and enable them to move the organization towards excellence.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Building the planning team.
  • Determining each participant’s expectations; placing issues in clear focus so as to make the strategic planning process more effective.
  • Defining an approach to make discussions more productive.
  • Preparation and distribution of a strategic assessment survey to obtain key qualitative information about each participant’s individual goals and objectives, as well as each individual’s perceptions of the goals and objectives of the organization
  • Personal interviews with each stakeholder to obtain their detailed perspective, thereby supplementing the information obtained through the surveys.
  • Facilitation of a strategic planning retreat. Conducting session(s) to reach a consensus on issues and strategies for further pursuit including defining short and long-term objectives; developing plans for meeting key objectives.