Marketing Practices

Marketing in today’s healthcare environment includes internal marketing to existing patients, external marketing to potential patients and referring physicians. A multi-faceted approach including website development/enhancement, search engine optimization, brochures, marketing packages and more must be applied.

The activities for marketing might include: 

  • Define the current marketing and advertising activities and materials
  • Define the competition
  • Define the target markets / audiences (who, where, how many, etc.)
  • Survey selected audiences (referring doctors and patients)
  • Define marketing objectives
  • Design marketing programs (external and internal with suggested activities, materials, resources, and processes for each where applicable) to meet objectives for each target market / audience
  • Budget development; and
  • Corporate approval

We have managed many successful marketing campaigns for clients and developed hundreds of websites for healthcare clients. Our medical web site development skills combined with our vast healthcare experience gives us a unique perspective. We understand how to cost effectively integrate new technology into our client's marketing strategies and daily operations. We also understand the practical and legal implications of implementing medically related websites.