Practice Assessments/ Turnarounds

Are your employed and owned practices maximizing performance? Are your physicians with income guarantees achieving their targets?

Medical practices can’t be managed like hospital departments. Production models are different; every dollar of revenue is important; staffing models are leaner; financial controls are critical. It takes experience and expertise to evaluate these business units and provide solutions that can be applied and yield performance improvements that will increase efficiency and profitability.

MMA’s assessment and performance improvement services approach complex physician practice management problems with a high degree of technical skill. We fully understand the economics of medical practice as well as the need to balance the business side of medicine with high standards of quality health care delivery.

Our assessments are designed to investigate any aspect of practice operations and provide sound solutions to problems.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Evaluation of provider production benchmarked to national standards.
  • Analysis of the practice’s performance statistics, including an assessment of collection trends, revenue cycle management benchmarked to national norms.
  • Analysis of the operating expenses of the practice benchmarked to national standards.
  • Assessment of practice operations, including a review of operational policies (including those on financial policy, refunds, credentialing, coding and ancillary services) and operational procedures (including scheduling, patient flow, financial controls revenue cycle management and staffing, work distribution and personnel policies).
  • On site interviews with physicians and staff to understand the issues impacting practice operations and economics.
  • Report of our findings and recommended solutions.
  • Action plans
  • Implementation assistance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Education and coaching